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The practice of authenticating artifacts has been around for quite awhile but never has it been performed on such a scientific level as is being offered here. The laser and computer equipment being used here at Insight is top of the line, cutting edge technology at work. We conduct true testing on every item that is sent to us for an evaluation. We take an honest and straight forward approach where evaluating your artifact is our top priority. Insight believes that our clients want to know the truth about their collection, and although an items provenance is an important thing to preserve, it should not be used as a standard while determining the authenticity of that item.

Simply said – the provenance of an artifact is a very interesting story after authenticity has been proven. We believe the most important thing being done here at Insight is that by conducting the proper test it is allowing the item being tested to speak for itself so that no opinion on our part is needed. It is this fact which separates us from the status quo of the other authenticating services being offered. In addition to the laser testing, Insight also examines items using the old school method of microscopically checking for correct manufacturing techniques along with the proper mineralization of an item. The main purpose we have found the microscopic examination of an item useful for is that a micro photo can then be taken and provided if need be to our clientele to show artificial deposits or surface treatments which should not be present on an authentic item.

At Insight, we not only would like to provide our services to you, we would like to earn your trust along with your respect and your friendship as a fellow collector.

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